Official Launch

Well I am happy to announce the launch of  I used to have the domain which was basically a list of all my sites – the design for that was meant to be a temporary one but I never got round to really working on it for awhile.  Suddenly the domain popped up and was available, so I snagged it, and got my new and awesome coder Frank to build a fantastic looking site.

The site will primarily be used as a showcase for all the sites that are members of the Dealer Dan Gaming Network, as well as updates on new sites that I add, or changes I make within the network.  I’ll also drop some “bloggy” articles every now and again, commenting on various things that affect us affiliates that I find are too “general” for sites like Poker Affiliate Bible or Casino Affiliate Bible.

That just about covers everything – welcome! I’ve got a friends/resources section at the bottom of the homepage – if I forgot you my bad – contact me and I’ll get your affiliate blog or resource up!