The Best Online Task Manager Application

(July 22nd, 2009) My website to do list was a mess.  Everything was all over the place, and I was losing track of everything I had to do.  I also had added some new employees to the Dealer Dan staff, and I was finding that everything was all over the place – I had tons of e-mail correspondences going, MSN messages etc.  It was pretty crazy.

So I set out to find a program that would make life a lot easier.  I checked out some support ticket systems but they didn’t really meet my needs, and were overcomplicated.  I wanted something simple, where I could say “Here’s a list of my websites, here’s a list of stuff I have to do for each website, here’s the people who will be doing it”.  Nice and simple.  Then those users can log on each day and see what tasks are set to them, and write comments on each task and keep track of what is being done etc.

After trying out a few, I finally settled on Taskfreak.  Took two minutes to install, and the setup process is minimal at least.  Within seconds I was up and running with a great system that is easy to manage my ever expanding to do list.  Here’s a sample image of it:


This is from an administrators point of view.  I blurred out the Title of the tasks, and the user it was assigned to, but you get the general idea.  From a users point of view they only see the tasks they are assigned to, or projects they are assigned to.  It is very customizable.  You can see a demo and it’s all free BTW – check out the TaskFreak site.

Also if you end up using the application be sure to donate to them – donations are what keep these people putting out awesome free products.