New Sites, Budapest, Wager Profits, New articles at CAB & PAB

(July 14, 09) Busy time in the land of Dealer Dan as always.  I’m busy launching a few new mini-sites – I have all these domains, why not do something with them?  This is also my first step into semi-retirement – I’m having my coder/programmer design the sites and my content writer write all the articles, then my assistant to put it all together – all I do is dish out the instructions!   I actually really enjoy content writing, designing etc – but with my kids growing up it’s time to take a step back and get my employees to do everything while I oversee things.  It’s quite the transition, as I’m a real “hands-on” type person, but it seems to be working out so far.

I’m all booked for the Budapest Affiliate Conference in September – I’ll be there a few extra days too.  If anyone wants to meet up, have a few beers etc then get in touch with me.  I usually end up having a pretty tight schedule in regard to meetings and so on, so squeeze some time in fast!

I’ve started working with Wager Profits, specifically PayNoRake Poker.  I’d spoken to my good friend Shaun O’Neill about working with them when we met at the affiliate conference in London in January, but due to time constraints I never had the chance, and since then he’s left the company to go onto bigger and better things.  I’m working with Rachelle however and she is just awesome and a really nice person, great to work with.  If you’re not working with Wager Profits I’d recommend setting something up – they’e good people.  Click here.

I also have two new articles up at the Bible sites.  At Poker Affiliate Bible, I revisited the old topic CPA vs Revenue Share, as my original article was written pre-UIEGA.  Read it here:  CPA vs Revenue Share in 2009.  I also conducted an interview with my affiliate manager from Euro Partners, who is an awesome guy.  Link:  10 Questions With Chris Zelver (Euro Partners).