Welcome to DealerDan.com.

This website is set up to showcase some of my main websites, and provide an easy way for people to contact me.

I don’t really use this website anymore as I’ve moved on from gambling affiliation for the most part. You can see my most recent works at 8amBeerPong.com.

I’m married with two kids, and reside in Ontario, Canada. Be sure to say hi if you see me at an affiliate conference. I’ll be the drunk stumbling around in a Glasgow Rangers top!


To contact me these days, head on over to 8amBeerPong.com as that’s where all my up to date details are.


My Main Websites

In this section I list a few of my main websites. Due to the delicate nature of my work, I don’t list all of the websites I own – especially the websites that are targeted towards one specific keyword. Always keep some cards to yourself!

Please also note that for some of these websites, my employees run them and I take on a more administrative role.

Gambling Sites

Non-Gambling Sites